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Architecture Abroad

I've lived in the suburbs of Houston all my life (almost 19 years now) and have always been fascinated with the architectural style in the center of the city. Although Houston is not what would be typically defined as a "beautiful" setting, my mom always says that at very least, "you always feel like you're in a modern place." I must agree with her on that point.

But it wasn't until I left Houston that I truly discovered the significance of architecture in influencing the tone of a city. In 2007, when I traveled to Frankfurt, I was astounded by the stylistic genius of the city. More recently, this past summer I traveled to Dubai, the pinnacle of futuristic and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Here are some photos from each of these cities for you to judge for yourselves.

Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

A typical view of Houston, taken from the freeway in a moving car.

Frankfurt, Germany

A general view of Frankfurt from across the Main River.

This is my favorite picture from Frankfurt. I have it hanging over my bed in my room. What I like most about it is the series of semi-modern, pastel-colored apartments leading up to the gothic church.

A more modern building. It signifies the economic, technological, and pragmatic aspect of the city, since Frankfurt is known as being the business hub of Germany.

All throughout Frankfurt there are statues of women along buildings. I kind of interpreted them as guardians of the city, in the same way that mermaids guide the ships they're carved into.

A close-up on the details of the previous building.

Again, the "Guardians of the City"

The opera house. Simply beautiful.

The oldest part of Frankfurt. More typically "German" styled buildings.

These men are "holding up" a bridge that goes over a street. I think they go to show that old German architects had a sense of humor.

This is a castle in a neighboring village called Bad Homburg. You can automatically tell its in a different town just by the color scheme of the building.

Dubai, U.A.E.

No two buildings in Dubai are alike. The city looks like a poster of the future.

An ancient fort, converted to the Dubai History Museum. Through this it is obvious the government takes care in preserving the Emiratee culture.

Inside the above building. Arches are typical of Islamic architecture.

Inside Mercatto Mall. Its design is based on Italian architecture.

And of course, the Burg Al-Arab. The design was inspired by the sail of a ship.

Unfortunately, I did not have the freedom to walk around leisurely in Dubai as I was able to in Frankfurt. Although there are hundreds of examples of beautiful architecture in Dubai, I was not able to photograph as many buildings as I would have liked. I hope this at least offered a bit of insight into the city.

But if you would like to see more photos from my time abroad, feel free to visit my personal livejournal.

I am so glad I found this community. All of the pictures posted here are absolutely amazing!
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